Our Story

Van DiBernardo once enjoyed a fulfilling career designing shoes for DKNY. His work found him traveling to production facilities in Italy, Spain, France, and Brasil. Today Van travels the city blocks of Buffalo, New York, where he manages the side effects of Multiple Sclerosis. His passion for design plays second only to his passion for helping others. After years of excusing the appearance of industrial and medical cooling vests, Van designed a cooling solution based on some obvious questions: Why not high-tech performance fabrics? Why not detailed styling? Why not cooling apparel for anyone wanting to improve physical endurance? The answer to those questions became the first chapter of Coolture™.

As all good stories go, a serendipitous encounter would turn a great idea into the start of a great company.  

Luanne DiBernardo, Coolture VP and Van's sister, set out to find the answers to her brother's questions.  Wanting to learn more about core body temperature cooling, Luanne was led to Dr. Thomas Stewart, who holds patents in the therapeutic control of patient temperature, and is renowned for his advances in wound care.  Unbeknownst to Luanne, Dr. Stewart had just left Stryker Medical as VP of Clinical Affairs, closing the chapter on a 30-year career in the global medical device industry.  Dr. Stewart was intrigued by the concept of bringing quality cooling to the streets, and by the chance to pioneer Coolture as the leader in the cooling apparel industry.  With his proven success as past President & COO of Gaymar Industries, Dr. Stewart became certain to helm Coolture.  And so, that naturally, began Chapter Two. 

In July 2012, Coolture began selling the first premium, style conscious cooling vest during one of the hottest summers in recent U.S. history.  Runners, golfers, and survivors of chronic illness were the first to respond -- the all-important cast of Chapter Three.  We are thrilled to be taking part in your improved physical endurance, and we thank you for becoming a part of our ongoing story.